Post Your Happy!

People of the planet! I’m creating a giant, (geographically correct) wall of HAPPY and I NEED YOU! Yes, you! You there, sitting on the couch! You at work! You on the front porch! Irish! Sri Lankans! New Yorkers! Russians! Africans! South Dakotans! Londoners! Alsatians! You, taking a coffee break! You, on the toilet! (you shouldn’t use your computer on the toilet). You, the world over, I need you! 


1. Grab a postcard.

2. List 3 things that make you super duper happy. (keep it clean, please.)

3. Mail it to me!

Your postcard could look something like this:


Mail your postcard to:

J. Kabay 

P.O. BOX 278

San Marcos, Texas 78667

Of interest:

I will personally respond, by mail, to the first 100 received. ( So ensure your address is on there!) It’s important these postcards arrive from all over, otherwise my project will be very lopsided! Parents, I’d love to hear from your kids! If you’re on vacation, all the better! I need postcards from all corners of the planet!

Something about the postcard above: I bought it at Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam in 2000, but never sent it out.  I will mail it to the person who sends me my 76th postcard. 

Your answers will help me with my second book.

Thank you so much! Can’t wait to hear from you! Every single postcard received will get a photo shout out on Author J. Kabay’s Facebook page!

Much love and gratitude,


A few from my collection so far:


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