Thoughts & Prayers

Such a big, fancy house.  She pretended to sleep the last hour, waiting for silence so she could get up and see. Earlier the pretty mother pulled juice from the fridge, a stainless steel box so big it was like a secret room. And she couldn’t look away. Even though they were opening presents.  Birthday …

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Extra Guest in Our Room.

I'm sharing because this happened to my husband who doesn't believe in ghosts. "Something weird happened last night." He sipped tea while I packed my suitcase. We were in Santa Fe for a quick ski trip but it was time to go home. Boo. "What happened?" "I got up to get some water and use the …

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BOOK LAB: Back to High School.

I got in trouble in junior high for making a 'slam book.' The offending questions included: What's your favorite tv show? and How many siblings do you have? and Who's your celebrity crush? My classmates passed it round and round until I had long lovely lists of people's answers. And it made me very happy. But …

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