Extra Guest in Our Room.

I’m sharing because this happened to my husband who doesn’t believe in ghosts.

“Something weird happened last night.” He sipped tea while I packed my suitcase. We were in Santa Fe for a quick ski trip but it was time to go home. Boo.

“What happened?”

“I got up to get some water and use the toilet. And when I got back in bed–”

I paused and looked over.

“It got really cold in the room. Really cold. Like, freezing.”

That piqued my interest. Because our room was decidedly hot all week. Like, kick off the covers and strip your pajamas hot. I messed with the thermostat to no avail (but I digress.)

“And I swear I was awake. Completely awake. I’d just gotten back in bed.”

Spit it out, Christopher. What happened.

“And then I heard this voice. Like a loud whisper right against my face.”

“What did it say?”


I paused folding. “Daddy?”

“Jenn, it was creepy. I thought it was you it was so loud. But you were fast asleep.”

“Welcome to my world.” I finished packing. I also sent Grandma a quick text to make sure everything was okay with the kids.

I wasn’t awake for this and have no explanation. But on the strength of Christopher’s skepticism, I’m sharing.


Anything like this ever happened to you?



10 thoughts on “Extra Guest in Our Room.

  1. ehartzog

    I swear I hear whispers of “Mom!” regularly in my bedroom. I always look around and see nothing and it kinda freaks me out a bit.

    ~ Emily Hartzog



    1. Jenn

      “The Pink House” as my kids refer to it, was occupied by the gentlemen who passed inside via stroke two years prior. He was not pleased with us living in his space. When we looked at the house I commented to my husband that I didn’t like the vibe- it was dark and heavy- but he poo poos vibes. Out of necessity, we moved into the pink house. One week after moving the oven burns up, wasn’t even in use. A week after that the main electrical panel catches on fire. Both times were after my kids had gone to bed but I was awake. Our guardians were working overtime to keep us safe! We lived in that house for a year and a half. During that time there were voices, shadows, broken pipes, dead cats, and a brown recluse infestation (and SO much more). My son who is 19 now but was 9 at the time, heard us talking recently about the pink house happenings and interjected that he KNEW that house was haunted because every night he felt like someone was staring him in the face as he tried to go to sleep and they would whisper but he couldn’t hear. So thankful the pink house is behind us now!!


  2. Linda Heidee

    No nothing … but the night Bens grandma passed she cane to visit him before anyone knew she was dead.
    I had a dog come and stay with me for quite awhile.


  3. Not to me, no. My Dad used to drive transport trucks when I was a kid. He be gone all week and only home on weekends. In those days ridiculous pressure was put on the drivers to make almost impossible back to back delivery times, and falling asleep at the wheel was an ever present reality. At our bedtime prayers – EVERY night – we’d pray for Angel’s to watch over Dad to keep I’m safe and awake.

    One night he nodded off and nearly had an accident. What saved him was my Mom’s voice startling him awake. He said it was so real, so clear, and so loud it was as though she was right beside him. Needless to say, he was wide awake for the rest of the trip.

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  4. Ryan

    Oh, yes. The deep freeze, the weight on the bed, the floral smells, the crispy air tingle…we are not alone but can’t quite explain it either. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I just say hello and try to pay (whomever) a compliment.


  5. Bari Pistone

    Actually, just last night the little girl spirit who roams our hill, was in the house. I woke up in the middle of the night to something rubbing my lips. I swatted it away a few times before I realized who it was. I told her to stop because I needed my sleep! She is a very playful little girl and she loves to mess with me!


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