SHELF LIFE: My Pandemic Diary: March 18, 20, & 24, 2021

Something happens to the air when everyone feels God at the same time

Short Fiction: Rosie & June Get a Room.

Rosie & June “It’s hotter’n Satan’s nutsack.” Rosie shoved a lollipop in her mouth. “Satan’s nutsack?” June glanced over from the driver seat. “Really?” Rosie shrugged, staring between tall pines, blending as they sped past. Louisiana was a convection oven, especially in summer. And they'd spent ample time unsticking thighs from leather seats since crossing state …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (6)

Read from the beginning HERE. ................   DAY ELEVEN trapped   Ol' spider finally trapped some food tonight. I’m relieved actually, she was looking a little pale. —still.  Desperate buzzing is a very sad noise. That poor fly tried to escape, tangling deeper as she inched close, creeping in such a way, I felt glad to be down here. I …

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BOOK LAB: Ugly Ass Books

We have a recycle bin at the library that should be called the Cornucopia of Surprise.  Mostly, it's trash. Newspaper circulars. Worn paperbacks with detached pages. Broken books. Wet books. Moldy books. Useless donations like roach-nibbled encyclopedias, obsolete plumbing manuals, and Weight Watcher recipe cards from 1974. But sometimes, you find treasure. One time I found the social studies …

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What is Book Lab? Well. We conduct literary experiments. One night (because I lie awake pondering stupid crap) I wondered how many great stories languish behind ugly covers. Covers so fugly no one touches them. Left on shelves so long that the librarian eventually yanks them to the Withdrawal Cart o' Death. Poor, neglected characters. Dialogue silenced, plots stifled. Unable to fufill their literary duty. All because …

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