SHELF LIFE: My Pandemic Diary: February 18, 19 & 20, 2021

And Senator Ted Cruz — get this— high tailed it to CAN fucking CÚN to sip piña coladas with his family while his constituents literally freeze in their homes.

Dear (Agent): QUERY/ Shelf Life: My Pandemic Diary / MEMOIR / J. Kabay

Dear (Agent): In late 2020, a gentle, androgynous voice bloomed in my conscience.  The days. Write it all down. Manuscript. If you knew my long history with this voice, you’d know why I paused. Words filled my headspace like expanding balloons, and I batted them away, defensive and confused. Manuscript? I had at least 3 …

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Testing Positive at Heathrow.

Absolute fucking nightmare. Christopher tested positive at Heathrow this morning. We knew it was possible. But the colossal stress of waking early, dragging heavy ass bags on uneven pavement through city streets to the London Underground, coupled with the weight of BAD ANTICIPATION was just too much. "It's like waiting for your execution," I told …

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Extra Guest in Our Room.

I'm sharing because this happened to my husband who doesn't believe in ghosts. "Something weird happened last night." He sipped tea while I packed my suitcase. We were in Santa Fe for a quick ski trip but it was time to go home. Boo. "What happened?" "I got up to get some water and use the …

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