House is at it. Again.

I’m gonna make this short. The house is acting up again. Last week, I woke to someone scurrying into my room. I thought it was one of the kids, because of the scuttling pitter-patter of someone low to the ground.

 “Sophia?” I sat up quickly, sleepy. And then I got this feeling, this really horrible feeling, like a sinking in my chest made worse by a sudden, unnatural chill. Then my daughter screamed. In the other room.

I jumped out of bed, ran to their room, and lumbered up the bunk bed ladder in the dark. She lay there sobbing about the “nightmare” she just had. We cuddled until she fell asleep again, and I went to bed pissed. I knew that whatever scurried in my room had just been in there messing with my baby!

The next day, Christopher and I sat in the living room when the kitchen door completely opened (it’s a noisy door), then slammed shut. On its own. With no one else home. You shoulda seen Mr. I-don’t-believe-in-ghosts’ face. Hmph.

Then last night, Sophia woke in the wee house again, crying that big black shadows were going into her closet. Oh, baby girl. Momma understands.  Momma remembers those well. If you missed that entry, go back and read The First Icky Spirit from June 2011. You’ll have to get there manually. I can’t get the links to work for some reason. Sorry.

Anyway, I guess it’s time to bring out another paranormal investigation team. Ya’ll have a good night. I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “House is at it. Again.

  1. Bari Pistone

    here we go again…..the nest time go through the house with the doors and windows open and tell the demon,”In the name of Jesus Christ, LEAVE my home and don’t come back!!!!”And it will because it won’t have a choice!!!!! Beely………….


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