Open Letter to Doug Harrison

Well, it’s time. Our episode of “My Ghost Story” airs tomorrow night on A&E’s Bio channel 8pm CST.

You’ll see why I write the creepy stuff I do. I myself won’t get to watch it. I’m away this weekend because some kind stranger gifted me a getaway when they learned I was laid off….oh wait.

Can we talk about that a sec?

Do you know how it feels to work for a company for TEN YEARS, only to be unceremoniously laid off  -sorry-  furloughed by EMAIL? That’s right. There I was in my little cubicle, when a warm little message popped in my inbox telling me to go home (without severance)

… and don’t come back.

What the-

I stood up slowly, peering across the floor, meeting the eyes of others standing slowly too. Their faces said it all. We were like a bunch of Meer cats, stunned into collective, frozen shock. I just don’t know how else to say it. And to send us packing with no warning (and no severance) after TEN YEARS? By EMAIL? Well. That’s just rude.

And let me tell you. I’m a writer, sorry, author now, and my husband’s an artist. People like us are typically starving, or, dead and famous. Yes, he’s successful but trust you me, it’s feast or famine with us. That’s why I kept the jobby job. But now? with no guaranteed income (and did I mention no severance?) I felt . . . (there’s a word I REALLY want to use here, but I write for kids) . . . suffice it to say, I felt 6 letters, rhymes with bucked.

I felt really sorry for myself for a few days. Ok, maybe a week or two. Okay, maybe I still feel a little sorry for myself. But like every other time I felt bucked, I just sank to my knees and prayed. I prayed like a crazy person. Then finally, I heard the answer. And without crunchy corporate white noise clawing at my cerebellum, the answer came louder than usual.

God’s reply was crystal clear:

“Get over yourself. I got this.”

(that’s the crystal noise)

And then, like magic, human beauty was everywhere. My fellow, scared-ass former coworkers, as well as the community, were (and are) doing whatever they could to help one another. They glued together like ants on the water to help each other float. It’s quite astonishing and incredibly beautiful. As a matter of fact, the reason I can’t watch my own show this weekend is because a stranger gifted me a weekend retreat. I still don’t know who did it. But I’m so grateful.

And how dare I forget my debut novel, MINDER –my sweet little engine that could–is actually doing well. Strangers are BUYING my book and LIKING it. A lot of them say they LOVE it. Do you know how COOL that is? It’s bucking awesome!

So tune in to the Bio. channel this Saturday 8PM CST. You’ll get to see why my house is called “The Bone Yard” and why its spooky to live here. If you don’t have cable, you can watch it online next week.

And where can you buy my book, you ask?


Also, please forgive any perceived negativity. I know the powers that be had stellar reasons for letting us all go. In that manner. Like they did. With no pocket change.

And before you say “Hey, Ms. Psychic Lady, didn’t you see this coming??”

Well, yes. I did . . . I even wrote a note “To the person cleaning out my desk,” sealed it, time stamped it 2/27/13, and stuck it my drawer. The lay off was March 8th. I DID see myself leaving.

..but on my terms. Like, with a nice contract with Scholastic for book 2. Or something.

Anyway, I’ll see you on the tube. And no worries. I know this transition is cosmic. I’m onto the next chapter. The last chapter was neato. But I graduated.


P.S. I wonder who found my note.

12 thoughts on “Open Letter to Doug Harrison

  1. The thing is, Doug Harrison didn’t cause this. I still love that guy! The problem is we in the USA, “the richest country in the world” have not solved the problem of how to provide affordable health care to all our peeps. M’Care has been kicking the crap out of The SCOOTER Store for over a decade! And they finally killed it–though I hope to heck it rises again in some form. An online store, perhaps?

    JKabay–you rock, Sweetie!


    1. 12 wasted years

      Sorry but you say it was not dougs fault its just stupid. that’s why you hire a qualified executive team, not your cronies that you drink beer with. we all knew Medicare was cracking down I had to make adjustments accordingly if you’re not smart enough as a business owner to make adjustments accordingly then yes it is your fault. Not saying doug is stupid because he is not. he is an asshole he knew what he was doing. He put Sun together. sold out cashed in and left Sun and US with nothing. However he did manage to take care of a few people all his worthless EVPS. Sorry for the lenghty reply and Jen your book rocks


  2. Bari Pistone

    I love you, have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to watching you on TV Saturday night. Remember God loves you and your mama loves you too!


  3. Rosetta

    About time you wrote about this! By the way, I don’t recall you accusing Doug Harrison for all of this; however, if the shoe feets him well, then so be it. I felt more for those that had been there 10 plus years, like yourself. Nothing like a spit in the face when you had to leave. Funny how nobody wants to be accountable for their actions in this closing and that speaks volumes. By the way, I too saw this coming and even warned a few people who refused to believe it, so I guess people only see what they want to see. God has greater plans for you and one day those people involved will say they knew you when you worked there……Karma! Oh how I love me some Karma! 😉


  4. I can relate Jennifer, I’ve been laid off quite a few times. At first it seemed a slap in the face but it steered me into my purpose. It was just your time to do what you were meant to do. I am grateful I am employed now but it’s just a stepping stone to help me achieve my real purpose. Thanks for writing this, it was beautiful.


  5. lizzie

    jenny – jenny – jenny! what a bucking pistol you are, crazy girl! i am one of the unfortunates that DON’t have cable cuz i live in the country. i will have to wait till next week and watch it on the computer. BUT – I treated myself to watching an episode last night – and i think there was activity in my house….yes sir….. xoxo


  6. Sonya Vargas

    Hey Chica!!! I miss you and when you would come visit in my cold corner, where the lovely shadow loved to hang out! you are awesome have faith and believe in everything that is put infornt of you miss ya


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