The Devil Inside

Watched “The Devil Inside” on Netflix last night. And . . . OH MY GOD. Have you seen this movie? Christopher and I clutched in a white-knuckle cuddle grip the whole time! I must’ve held my breath thru the film too, because my chest felt restricted by normal respiration once it finished. Fairly sure I slept in the fetal position, sucking my thumb.

That is all.

. . .though I’ll quickly say, Wednesday night, I sat in the kitchen separating bills from junk mail, and looked over to see a man passing thru the library. He was so clear I thought, who’s he? He was over 6′ with bad posture, and wearing something dark. I only realized he was Spirit when he lost definition as he neared. He walked into the kitchen, and I felt a warm swoosh on my back as he passed behind me.

“Oh, hell no,” I barked. “You need to go. Leave. Now.” (We’d only been home 20 min. after 3 weeks away; and at 1 a.m., I was NOT in the mood.)

I mention it here because apparitions are typically fleeting, like faint pictures flashing so quickly, you think you made it up. But I watched this guy a good 5 seconds before he disappeared. Not as scary as that bloody movie we watched, though. Or the amount of trees murdered for junk mail.

But I digress.


Back to thumb sucking.

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