SHELF LIFE: My Pandemic Diary: March 18, 20, & 24, 2021

Something happens to the air when everyone feels God at the same time

Testing Positive at Heathrow.

Absolute fucking nightmare. Christopher tested positive at Heathrow this morning. We knew it was possible. But the colossal stress of waking early, dragging heavy ass bags on uneven pavement through city streets to the London Underground, coupled with the weight of BAD ANTICIPATION was just too much. "It's like waiting for your execution," I told …

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Green Dot Mystery: What REALLY happened at the Myrtles.

Is Myrtles Plantation really haunted? I found THIS in a library book a few days before we left. By we I mean me and Emily. Friend, fellow writer, and the only other chick I know with a selection of kaftans. I find stuff in books all the time. And though June 23rd was already behind …

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Short Fiction: Rosie & June Get a Room.

Rosie & June “It’s hotter’n Satan’s nutsack.” Rosie shoved a lollipop in her mouth. “Satan’s nutsack?” June glanced over from the driver seat. “Really?” Rosie shrugged, staring between tall pines, blending as they sped past. Louisiana was a convection oven, especially in summer. And they'd spent ample time unsticking thighs from leather seats since crossing state …

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The loudest I ever heard God was on a train. Alone in the open doorway of an empty railcar with my feet on the platform, waiting for the last train home. From a distance I must've looked sad. A thin girl with bright orange hair. Staring. Shivering. Smoking. My longtime ex-boyfriend and even-longertime ex-best-friend were five …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (1)

I don’t think she’s gonna make it. ---overheard.   DAY ONE pain   My name is Beryl. I am a lady chicken. And today is the worst day of my life. Yesterday I lived in the yard with Wanda, Missus Jenkins, and my twin sister Babs. Today I woke up in a bathtub, and I …

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Classics (and Confessions): BOOK LAB experiment 3.

"I'll give you 50 dollars to read Pride and Prejudice!" My Granny loved bribes. It was the only way she'd get me to watch old movies and read certain books. The going rate on movies was 5 bucks. Truth be told, curling up and watching movies with her didn't take coercion. But I was in …

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