Dreaming Harvey

So my son brought this home and I thought, am I raising a little Socialist? Or maybe a future Social Worker? Or whatever? And then I thought, does it matter? My son, in honor of Martin Luther the Kang (name that movie!) was asked to share HIS dream. And I thought his answer way more important than anything I could write about ghosts or “Minder” :

“I have a dreem…I have sooooooooooooooooooooooo much money that…I could donate 1,000,000 dollers to evry pore people. And all of them get food and houses. They can eat and they won’t die. If I was a street person and I was really hungry and got money…I would still give it away. That’s how I live.”
–“Dreaming Harvey”, 8

So smile.
Have faith in your kids.
And don’t judge his spelling or I’ll cut you.

Harvey’s Mom.

mlk 2

9 thoughts on “Dreaming Harvey

  1. Gerri G

    Oh Harvey Miles, how I love thee! If everyone shared his philosophy, what a better world it would be! And the movie is Coming to America….


  2. Maureen Mathis

    What a precious essay! A keeper, for sure. Reminds me about a phone call I got from my oldest daughter just yesterday.

    She and her boyfriend had taken a homeless couple shopping, and were having a hard time explaining to the cops what they were doing back at their campsite. The policemen told them that they had to move, so they drove them to another part of town where their friends were staying. Scares me to death, what this girl does sometimes and the situations she’s placed herself in, as she sometimes does stuff like this by herself. I rest peacefully (and a bit proudly, unfortunately) in the knowledge that the Lord is with her, hopefully guiding her steps back ACROSS the line between good judgement and JUST WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!

    This is the daughter who wasn’t accepted into the School of Social Work at UT because they told her that HER FAITH WOULD GET IN THE WAY OF BEING A GOOD SOCIAL WORKER. Yes, you read that right. They actually said it OUT LOUD…..

    I told her that they just lost their best alum EVER in the HISTORY of the WORLD. So there! She’s now a junior majoring in government, doing an internship with a State Representative at the Capitol in Austin and talks about going into the mission field once she graduates. Whatever it is, it’ll be entertaining to watch!

    You need to ask Sophia to answer this question and write down her answer after she’s had some time to think about it. Heck, you and Christopher do it, too. You can make it an annual event. Now THAT could be a BOOK! 🙂 Love you!


    1. Thank you for sharing, Maureen. I know God will put your sweet girl where she’ll have the most impact. I asked Harvey a very long time ago what he wanted to do when he was all grown up. And I’ll never forget his answer: “I want to help the people that sleep in the street.” ….he was maybe 3.


  3. Bari Pistone

    Oh Wow!!!! Thank you Father and thank you Jennifer for my grandson. I am so proud of him and his big heart!!!! Jusy keep on, keep on Harvey. Jesus is smiling ……………give him a big hug for me Beely!


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