The ‘P’ Word

 I had another answered prayer last week! Wheee! I suppose you could say it was more of an affirmation, but whatever.

So last week was super rough. Why? Because I’m currently waiting on news that will profoundly impact my future. (read: I’ve waited for years). I have very little (no) control over this situation and the more I stress the longer it seems to take. So let me just say between you, me and the world-wide web that it’s making me NUTS! Deep fried crazy! And I have no choice! All I can do is wait. People like to throw that ‘patient’ word at me but man oh man it’s so hard ‘cos I’m a mover! A shaker! A Capricorn! I get things done dammit! Something I’ve learned though is that if nothing in my bag o’ tricks is working, then there’s a lesson tucked in there. ( Don’t say the P word).

 But whatever else I am, I’m resilient. Some days are just super hard to take. And this was one of them. So I sat in my car, dangerously close to tears, and I decided to pray. Even if I don’t get immediate answers I know heaven listens so I prayed. And I prayed out loud (remember, that carries a little extra punch for some reason). Anyway, I got as far as “Dear God, please hear my prayer” before bursting into tears… The rest of my words were a bit bubbly but this is what I said:

Please let me know if I can do something to hurry this along. I am so frustrated. You know how I am ‘cos you made me so please don’t get mad but I don’t know if things feel stagnant because I’m doing something wrong or because you don’t think it’s time yet. If I’m being called to action please show me what to do and I’ll do it and if I’m supposed to just sit still and trust you Lord, well please let me know that too. Please give me a clear answer so I don’t overanalyze. It’s not in my nature to just sit and wait but you knew that already. Amen.”

 So I pulled into a parking space, wiped my nose, and walked into the bank. The teller waved me over and I stepped up to her cubicle. I smiled hello when my eyes fell on her HUGE necklace. A gigantic silver heart with a bold print inscription: Trust the Lord.

 I literally gasped and startled this poor lady.

 Then my ego started up: Oh that’s just a coincidence. There are a ton of Christians with a ton of Christian jewelry. You’re just-

The lady swiveled to grab my deposit slip and her big ole silver heart earrings jiggled, waving their inscription at me. TRUST.

 So basically heaven was telling my ego to shut the hell up.

 P.S. Never listen to ego (your brain voice). Ego says mean things like you aren’t good enough, they secretly make fun of you, and you’ll never get rid of your cellulite.

Ego is a nasty bitch and needs to be slapped down every once in a while.

 **If you’re reading this and know the news I wait for, please keep it out of the comments. Thanks for your understanding.**

5 thoughts on “The ‘P’ Word

  1. TT aka The Crazy Woman

    God is Good, all the time. All the time, God is Good. He nourishes us when we need it, and reminds us of how prescious we are in his eyes all the time. Some of us have the ability to see even the smallest of Graces he bestows on us, and some of us don’t realize that nothing we do would be possible without these Graces. I am glad to hear that you are one with a distinct recognition of the Graces.
    Love ya,
    TT aka The Crazy Woman 🙂


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