SHELF LIFE: My Pandemic Diary: March 18, 20, & 24, 2021

Something happens to the air when everyone feels God at the same time

RARE Beatles Interview! Houston, 1965.

This rare transcript is from the Beatles' 1965 press conference in Houston, Texas. San Antonio's KONO aired the interview, then mailed copies to anyone requesting a transcript. 10-year-old Patty took them up on their offer. 52 YEARS LATER, Patty found the transcript while Spring Cleaning and sent me a surprise copy! So. Without further ado I share it with you …

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Q & A: Alzheimers and ‘Lost’ Souls.

Q: Hi Jennifer. How can someone, like that ghost you encountered from the 1700's, still be HERE? Why don't they find peace? Why are they stuck? --Christina, Houston That's the million dollar question, isn't it. (She's referring to THIS experience if you haven't yet read it.) My encounter suggests poor Jose's been stuck in some rocky, Mexican purgatory 300+ …

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Report: Undercover Taco Contest Finds Clear Winner

Why a bean & cheese taco contest? Didn't we just do Best of Hays? And who are you? Why do you get to judge? Why does this even matter? Me? I've eaten all over this planet, but I'm local now. Apart from a few years in London, I've lived in San Marcos since 1994. Quality …

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Watch Your Back: Case in San Marcos, Texas

10:15pm "You look shell shocked." That's what my husband said when I shuffled in, half-fell on the couch, and stared at the wall. "Dahling?" he cocked his head. Just give me a minute, my hand said. A local mom reached out to me last week. Something was troubling their family and could I please come …

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Monster In His Closet: Case in San Marcos, Texas

My first experience with an icky spirit happened in elementary school. It was middle-of-the-night dark, and I was too scared to breathe let alone run to my parent's bed. You can read about that here. I take it very seriously when parents say their kids are scared. Especially when the kid has never been scared …

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Natural Homemade Roach Trap

I'm sorry if this makes you barf. I can't think of any sane reason to write about roaches (on purpose) UNLESS it's a treatise asking God why they're here in abundance. With superpowers. Making everyone cringe. I mean, seriously. Want world peace? Throw a bunch of flying roaches in a small room at the UN. …

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