SHELF LIFE: My Pandemic Diary: March 18, 20, & 24, 2021

Something happens to the air when everyone feels God at the same time


The loudest I ever heard God was on a train. Alone in the open doorway of an empty railcar with my feet on the platform, waiting for the last train home. From a distance I must've looked sad. A thin girl with bright orange hair. Staring. Shivering. Smoking. My longtime ex-boyfriend and even-longertime ex-best-friend were five …

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Q & A: Alzheimers and ‘Lost’ Souls.

Q: Hi Jennifer. How can someone, like that ghost you encountered from the 1700's, still be HERE? Why don't they find peace? Why are they stuck? --Christina, Houston That's the million dollar question, isn't it. (She's referring to THIS experience if you haven't yet read it.) My encounter suggests poor Jose's been stuck in some rocky, Mexican purgatory 300+ …

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Q & A: Long Island Medium and the VOID.

Q: Hi Jennifer, I've watched the show, "Long Island Medium" and believe that woman, Theresa, is the real deal. I've heard her often say, "so and so wants you to know they're at peace with our father in heaven." My question is: HOW can a soul be at peace and still be with us on Earth? After a …

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Q & A: Mexican Ghosts Speak Spanish

Q: Hi Jennifer. My grandma died last year. We miss her a lot! My mom says she sometimes catches flashes of her, which I believe, but why can no one else see her? Sometimes I think I sense her, but I'm really not sure. When you experience a 'ghost' how can you tell it's not your imagination? --Emily; New Braunfels. Great question. …

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Deceased Loved Ones: Alan

I was in Scotland the first time I saw a proper ghost. This was about ten years ago, I guess. Christopher and I took a train from London to Edinburgh to celebrate our engagement. We stayed with his brother's family in a very cool house I think used to be servant's quarters to the mansion next …

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