SHELF LIFE: My Pandemic Diary: March 18, 20, & 24, 2021

Something happens to the air when everyone feels God at the same time

Beryl’s Chicken Diary: Remembering Momma.

That lady ate your mother. I closed my eyes. Missus Jenkins has no tact. I made the mistake of telling her about the last day me and Babs saw Momma. Which honestly, I try not to think about. It still hurts remembering that itchy-nosed lady and all her questions about gluten and additives. "You don't give …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (7)

Read from the beginning HERE. ............... DAY THIRTEEN Ollie Jennifer put me outside for a long time today. I don’t want her to forget she’s a chicken! she declared, which is the dumbest thing I ever heard. If she spent ten days outside, would she forget she’s human? Christopher says she never forgets anything, so I …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (6)

Read from the beginning HERE. ................   DAY ELEVEN trapped   Ol' spider finally trapped some food tonight. I’m relieved actually, she was looking a little pale. —still.  Desperate buzzing is a very sad noise. That poor fly tried to escape, tangling deeper as she inched close, creeping in such a way, I felt glad to be down here. I …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (5)

Read from the beginning HERE. .........   DAY NINE Jennifer’s poor choices The humans have a girl hatchling, Sophia. She has very busy hands and hair like a bird’s nest. Everyday she sprays me with oil of the tea trees.  She also taps my torn comb with a delicate contraption called a Q-tip. I enjoy her …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (1)

I don’t think she’s gonna make it. ---overheard.   DAY ONE pain   My name is Beryl. I am a lady chicken. And today is the worst day of my life. Yesterday I lived in the yard with Wanda, Missus Jenkins, and my twin sister Babs. Today I woke up in a bathtub, and I …

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Report: Undercover Taco Contest Finds Clear Winner

Why a bean & cheese taco contest? Didn't we just do Best of Hays? And who are you? Why do you get to judge? Why does this even matter? Me? I've eaten all over this planet, but I'm local now. Apart from a few years in London, I've lived in San Marcos since 1994. Quality …

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