SHELF LIFE: My Pandemic Diary: February 26, 27, & March 2, 2021

People who tell you their kids are perfect are big, fat liars.

Dear (Agent): QUERY/ Shelf Life: My Pandemic Diary / MEMOIR / J. Kabay

Dear (Agent): In late 2020, a gentle, androgynous voice bloomed in my conscience.  The days. Write it all down. Manuscript. If you knew my long history with this voice, you’d know why I paused. Words filled my headspace like expanding balloons, and I batted them away, defensive and confused. Manuscript? I had at least 3 …

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The loudest I ever heard God was on a train. Alone in the open doorway of an empty railcar with my feet on the platform, waiting for the last train home. From a distance I must've looked sad. A thin girl with bright orange hair. Staring. Shivering. Smoking. My longtime ex-boyfriend and even-longertime ex-best-friend were five …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (1)

I don’t think she’s gonna make it. ---overheard.   DAY ONE pain   My name is Beryl. I am a lady chicken. And today is the worst day of my life. Yesterday I lived in the yard with Wanda, Missus Jenkins, and my twin sister Babs. Today I woke up in a bathtub, and I …

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A Chicken Called Wanda.

Have you ever heard a chicken in distress? It sounds like a newborn pig being clawed to death. Go ahead and imagine that for a sec.  Got it? That's what I woke to 12 hours ago. It sounded like this: Heeeeeelll heeeeeellll squeeeeeeeeee  I felt it in my guts. So my eyes popped open. Really. A very upsetting sound. …

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