Chasing Lois Lowry.

In 1st grade, I got a zero on a math test. A ZERO. We were doing these things: 3 > 1    6<7   10>8  and I got every answer wrong.  All 25 questions. Wrong. My teacher circled a big, red F at the top of the page and never readdressed it with me, which really, was …

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BOOK LAB: Back to High School.

I got in trouble in junior high for making a 'slam book.' The offending questions included: What's your favorite tv show? and How many siblings do you have? and Who's your celebrity crush? My classmates passed it round and round until I had long lovely lists of people's answers. And it made me very happy. But …

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BOOK LAB: Depressed. Addicted. Suicidal.

At 20, she overdosed on sleeping pills in her mother's cellar. At 29, she drove her car into a river. At 30, Sylvia Plath finally killed herself by sticking her head in an oven. Think about that a second. One night, she placed wet towels under the doors to keep her babies safe, turned on …

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