Who wants to win a painting by Christopher Barnett?

I love being married to a talented artist. It means I have purty walls. Badass illustrations. It means when my publicist says “Hey, let’s have a contest for your book. Can you think of a good prize?”….I know just the thing.

We are giving away a custom portrait. Picked by you, painted by Christopher. In case you don’t know my husband, he’s super talented. Like, ridiculously talented. He painted this:

And this:

And this:

But those are murals. YOU get a portrait. Specifically, a retablo. Retablos are custom portraits painted on wood with acrylics and gold leaf. Christopher then distresses it to make it look like a relic. Like this:
Your retablo can be of you. Your dog. Sid Vicious. Your Grandma. President Lincoln. Whatever.

So here’s what you have to do:
1. You have to buy my book.
Click HERE to buy.
2. You have to READ my book.
3. You have to REVIEW my book.
4. You have to post it by December 24th.

A winner will be selected at random (I will probably video one of the kids pulling and reading your name from a hat.) Anyone who posts a review AND is listed as an ‘Amazon Verified Purchase’ will be eligible for the drawing. Reviews in place WILL be eligible as long as they are verified purchases. Reviews submitted AFTER December 24, 2012 will NOT be eligible. Your review does NOT have to be ‘good’, just honest. We must be able to tell that you actually read “MINDER”. So in other words, “Buy this book. It was good, can you enter my name in the drawing now” ain’t gonna cut it. Did you like the book? WHY? Did you think the book was a colossal waste of 5 bucks? I suppose you can say that too. Just please say it tactfully.

So get crackin’! Get reading! Get reviewing! You do NOT need a Kindle to download MINDER. I myself do not have a Kindle or iPad so I downloaded it to my PC. A print copy is currently in the works but for now, peeps, we’re electronic. Feel free to post questions after this post. You may have the same question as someone else! Thank you SO MUCH for your support! Now I gotta go tell Christopher I volunteered him for this.


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