Angels. They’re real you know.

I met my first angel at work. 

Well, I didn’t meet him really…we didn’t shake hands. Rather, I felt him. And this ‘meeting’ forced a change in me. See, I never really believed in angels. Nice concept and all that but really, I thought they was just biblical lore and fodder for crappy  mass-produced posters all the sorority girls had in college.

But I was wrong.

For the record: ANGELS ARE REAL.

So now I have to tell you about Heather. Heather and I are distant cousins by marriage and she is one amazing chick. And incredibly psychic. Heather’s business cards read: Spiritual Intuitive*Channel Medium*Angel Therapist

..and yes I was skeptical. But had no room to be.  I’d had my aura photographed (it’s blue thank you very much), flipped tarot cards , participated in seances (sort of),  had my palm read….  walked in labyrinths with Wiccans and had a few past life regressions. I’d even participated in a Shamanistic ritual in Mexico…. I’ve seen some weird shit man! But I have never had anyone channel the voices of Heaven and call it a reading.

So there I am at work. The flourescent lights are poking holes in my soul one hour at a time when I get this email from Heather. I’d asked her to tell me more about the angels because for all my skepticism, hers was one of the best readings I’d ever had. All of her messages were so loving, so positive. My future wasn’t so important as fulfilling my life’s purpose and “the angels” had direction and advice on how to get there. She referred to different ones by name and I wanted to know more.

So she sent this email to me and my mom. It was about Archangel Michael and now I can’t even tell you what it said. All I know is there, reading in my cubicle, I felt…..heaven.

A profound warmth started in my chest, deepened, then spread to my fingertips one pulsing cell at a time. I got giddy. A delicious tingling bubbled up my spine and through the crown of my head. My entire body was vibrating with, with….God I barely have words for this….LOVE. Though that doesn’t quite describe it. It was LOVE-WELL-BEING… a long, delicious EUPHORIA-gasm.  My eyes glazed over.  And as I read her words about Archangel Michael this physical bliss washed over me again and again and again in radiant, crashing waves.

I sat there, love drunk, quite sad when my phone rang.

It was my mother.

“Did you get Heather’s email?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” I murmured, blinking super slow. I must have looked stoned. As a matter of fact, I KNOW I looked stoned. (When I’m super tapped in that happens.)

“Jennifer you’ll never believe what just happened to me….” she said, proceeding to describe EXACTLY what she’d just interrupted for me.

But I was incapable of barking at her. Nothing but good exists in that space.

To date I have not felt anything that strong. Close…but not like that. And I know it’s because Heaven wanted no mistake: THIS is what you listen to. NOT the folks with the crystal balls.

No arguments here. They’ve been a guiding force in my life ever since. I still like tarot cards, collect them as a matter of fact, but they’re only a deck of cards with interesting pictures. God is the Source of every answer I seek  (and give in my readings) and His angels, I find, come along to help us on our path.  Because that’s what He wants.

It will be my absolute JOY to share my personal angel stories with you. And I really, REALLY, REALLY encourage you to share yours too. I’ve had hundreds of people share personal stories with me, most of them in confidence because they were scared of being judged.

Not too long ago I heard a preacher say that angels aren’t there for our beck and call; they’re God’s messengers only and we shouldn’t be asking them for stuff.

I can’t say as I totally agree with that. In my personal experience, not only are they there, but they listen. They help. And they intervene. You can talk to them directly and get an answer if you drop your expectations. Because angels don’t look like this:

And they don’t necessarily look like this:

As a matter of fact, if you’re expecting someone with flapping wings and a halo you’re going to be sorely disappointed. I’m not saying I know exactly what they look like but I’m confident no human eyeballs could handle seeing them as they really are.  So they work with the things around us.  Physical Sensations. Intuitive thought/guidance. Music. Animals. Dreams. They’re that same number you see on your clock, microwave and radio and that dime you always find.  They’re that sparkle of bright light you THINK you just saw but convince yourself you didn’t.

So much more to come.

5 thoughts on “Angels. They’re real you know.

  1. I want to shake hands with an angel, or at least feel the breeze from their wings. Maybe they’re like some ducks and their wings don’t fly so well anymore. They just float around, or like Cupid, they’re too busy shooting love arrows to practice aviating. Actually, my life is pretty sparkly. Maybe that sparkle is angels glowing.


  2. What a beautiful post sweet friend ! I am honored to have been mentioned. I agree wholeheartedly! I live in amazement each day at how blessed God’s love is for us . I am humbly grateful for the limitless spiritual support he graces us with and so thankful for the beautiful earthly people he has placed in my life ! People like you ! Keep blogging and sharing those angel stories. I know you have as many as I do ! ❤


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