How The Beatles Saved Me.

I got straight As that semester. I also got arrested.


Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (4)

Read from the beginning HERE. ...........   DAY SEVEN to the bone   I’m not mad anymore. Just sore. And listening to humans is interesting. I’m learning lots of new words like predator, nocturnal, hydrogen, and peroxide. They’ve also been researching how to make me better. The Google says I must keep clean and hydrated. So today I ate …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (3)

Read from the beginning HERE. ............... DAY FIVE wee hours I can’t sleep. I keep waking and wondering where I am. Then I remember. The bathtub. I can’t tell if it’s morning or night or what. I miss the garden. The entire back garden is ours. Americana humans call it a yard but Christopher is British variety …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (2)

Read from the beginning HERE. ..........   DAY THREE hunger   They tried to make me eat today. I can’t eat. I can barely hold my head up. Please just leave me alone.   DAY FOUR yesterday and today   Sorry for the dramatics yesterday. I was in terrible pain. Maybe I should tell you …

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Birthday Surprise BACKFIRE.

You wanna talk about blue balls? I planned this super awesome surprise birthday trip for my husband. And get this. HE DIDN'T WANT TO GO. For three whole months I snuck around planning. Scheming. Taking time off. Arranging for my mom to take the kids. Asking the Facebook public awesome road trip ideas so he had LOTS to …

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