Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (3)

Read from the beginning HERE. ............... DAY FIVE wee hours I can’t sleep. I keep waking and wondering where I am. Then I remember. The bathtub. I can’t tell if it’s morning or night or what. I miss the garden. The entire back garden is ours. Americana humans call it a yard but Christopher is British variety …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (2)

Read from the beginning HERE. ..........   DAY THREE hunger   They tried to make me eat today. I can’t eat. I can barely hold my head up. Please just leave me alone.   DAY FOUR yesterday and today   Sorry for the dramatics yesterday. I was in terrible pain. Maybe I should tell you …

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Beryl’s Chicken Diary. (1)

I don’t think she’s gonna make it. ---overheard.   DAY ONE pain   My name is Beryl. I am a lady chicken. And today is the worst day of my life. Yesterday I lived in the yard with Wanda, Missus Jenkins, and my twin sister Babs. Today I woke up in a bathtub, and I …

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