SHELF LIFE: My Pandemic Diary: February 12, 14 & 15, 2021

Friday, February 12, 2021

Erg. What a frustrating day. I just got out of a hot bath straight from the library after spending 80% of my day on curbside pickup. This is a non-issue when it’s not 35° outside. I wore jeans, boots, a big sweater, coat, a hat and was still cold going in and out, in and out, allllllllll day. My body never got a chance to regulate temperature. Why didn’t someone switch with us for just a little while, you ask? Good question.

Complicating matters is I had a wedgie all day. And I’m here to swear on a bible that the wrong chonies can ruin your life. Anyway, I’m home now. Heater’s on. I don’t work the next 5 days which is a blessing because according to my phone it’s gonna be 1° on Monday. One. As in the loneliest degree. Let me assure you. Texas is gonna lose its damn mind. This is my written prayer that all pets be brought in tonight, that homeless people and animals find warmth, and that there are no 100 car pileups on highways due to black ice.

I’m warm now. I’ve changed underwear, and my sweet husband just brought me a cuppa tea. So basically I’m better now.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

I feel like I should be doing something. But the roads are iced over. I think maybe I should take a walk. But right now (checks phone) it’s 21° and according to this weather app— SNOWING. LOL! Hold up. Let me go scope this out.

— It sure the hell is! 

Well now that I’ve run outside, nearly slipped, come back in, run upstairs to put on snow pants, run back outside to see if I was warm enough ( I was) I ran back in to see if anyone wanted to go on a walk (they didn’t) so I ran back upstairs to strip off the ski pants and got back in bed to finish this entry.

So now I feel like I’ve done something. 

In the 2 minutes I was outside, I heard screeching tires and distant sirens which tells me HOME is the best place to be. It’s like I want to keep writing but there’s nothing to write about. 

I will say Colin zipped out of the house last night, and I haven’t seen him since so I’m a bit worried. Christopher says, “He’s a cat. He’ll be fine.” But still.

I was talking to Mum earlier and said between Covid, politics, quarantine, and winter freezes (when it was a pleasant 75° last week!) . . . this is pretty much the weirdest year of my life. She agreed. And she’s got 30 + years on me. I find comfort in us all going through it together. Solidarity and all that. Everyone on planet Earth will look at each other one day and say, remember that time we —?

Monday, February 15, 2021

You never saw so many people excited about 7 inches. We woke to some legit snow. Like, sink past your ankles snow. No one’s used to that. It’s incredibly beautiful and softens everything, but the world has shut down (again.) The kids logged on for school this morning but half their teachers working from home suffered power outages. I overheard one of Harvey’s teachers say, “I don’t know when I’m gonna go out so—”

and then she was gone. 

Meanwhile, Soph, Christopher, and I put on our snow gear to walk down to HEB because we’re like Old Mother Hubbard up in here. And the cupboards are STILL bare because HEB was closed. No power.

The streets look like green runs on ski mountains. People, though not many, were out walking and sliding. We saw one stalled car. I’ve heard sirens all day and read reports of rolling power outages so it’ll be our turn soon enough. The district has cancelled school for tomorrow which I think is wise. Just too damn much going on. 

I’m happy to report Colin came home last night, but now I’m pacing over another situation. Someone posted in Next Door that some jerk in New Braunfels left his dog in the cold all night and is refusing to let anyone take the animal which is clearly in distress. I won’t watch the video. I can’t. But basically I’ve been hyper-stressing since reading about this poor baby and can’t focus on anything else. 

Also, one of Sophia’s friends is in crisis and texted asking if he could please spend the night to escape his situation. I said yes so long as his situation did not come here.  Soph just told me he crashed his car trying to get here. He’s okay, but that’s my day in a nutshell. A frozen nutshell. 

Please God, let that dog be rescued.


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