Q & A: Alzheimers and ‘Lost’ Souls.

Q: Hi Jennifer. How can someone, like that ghost you encountered from the 1700’s, still be HERE? Why don’t they find peace? Why are they stuck? —Christina, Houston

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it.

(She’s referring to THIS experience if you haven’t yet read it.)

My encounter suggests poor Jose’s been stuck in some rocky, Mexican purgatory 300+ years. But that also supposes a linear timeline. (You can read more about the space/time problem here. )

Please remember Heather had a ghosty run-in that night, too.


What if the land was responsible for our mutual paranormal experience, and not a ghost?

(bear with me.)

Supposedly, we have several spiritual “hot spots” here on Earth:

Sedona, Arizona

Machu Picchu, Peru

Ayer’s Rock, Australia

Mount Sinai, Egypt

Glastonbury, England

. . . to name a few.

I’ve not been to any of these places. And I’m not a fan of the word “vortex.” ( like, at all.) Makes me think of nutball New Agers and Bermuda Triangle enthusiasts. Still, their theories are somewhat provable by ley lines, plate tectonics, and magnetic fields (all real).

So maybe those locations– as well as the little pueblo we visited in Mexico– have some geomagnetic or spatial components that make the proverbial veil thinner there?

I don’t know enough to take a stance.

But I DO know many describe Sedona’s atmosphere the way I described Tepotzotlán’s: charged.  I also know when I’m about to experience some serious ghost action the air around me crackles like polyester from a hot dryer.

Maybe I need to go to Sedona?


Q: Dear Jennifer, I read that when a person has Alzheimers and they pass, they are in such a confused state of mind that they don’t completely cross over. Do the deceased know how to cross over even though their minds are altered? Thank you for any answers you can help me with. — Vicki, Texas 

Hey, Vicki.

I’m no brain expert. But really, who is. Even top neurologists admit limited understanding. What’s it, 10% comprehension or something silly like that?

I personally feel those suffering with Alzheimers already have one foot on the Other Side.


I witnessed it with my grandfather, his beloved essence evaporating one painful month at a time.

He stared past me like a stranger while I searched his once vibrant blue eyes.

Remember me, Paw Paw? It’s Jennifer. You used to carry me on your shoulders? Remember how we played in the pool? You drove me back and forth to cheerleader practice and brought dinner to  play rehearsals? You drove us to Disney World, treated the world to dinner. You were our living Santa Claus, Paw Paw. Remember your great-granddaughter, Sophia? Isn’t she lovely? Paw Paw, are you in there?

One time, near the end, the fog cleared.

He looked at Sophia, then me.

“Well!” he smiled, some twinkle restoring in his Carolina Blue eyes. “She’s wonderful!”  He looked at me with that wonder reserved for the elderly, curious where time went, his expression saying look how big she’s gotten!

Paw Paw opened his bear arms wide and she fell in.

But his eyes died before the hug finished.

I bit my lip so I didn’t cry.

At least he saw her. Really saw her. That one last time.

Did his brain allow him through those precious seconds?

Or did God.

And was that a gift for me?

Or for him.

I’m no doctor.

But I know in the physical body, the brain rules supreme. What happens after death is spiritual— therefore God’s–domain.

Human rules and vulnerabilities do not apply.

No wayno how are dementia patients bumping into each other in heaven, asking for directions. No. They are whole.

They’re home.


I love and miss you, Paw Paw. I hope your heaven is custom fitted with a recliner and football game, turned up extra loud. 

Thanks for your question, Vicki. Hope this helps.

If YOU reading have a paranormal or metaphysical question, please send it to jennifer@jkabay.com. I’ll archive and answer as appropriate, when I can.




P.S. Has anyone been to one of those vortexy places listed up there and felt something unusual? Let me know!




Q & A: Long Island Medium and the VOID.

Q: Hi Jennifer, I’ve watched the show, “Long Island Medium” and believe that woman, Theresa, is the real deal. I’ve heard her often say, “so and so wants you to know they’re at peace with our father in heaven.” My question is: HOW can a soul be at peace and still be with us on Earth? After a person dies who has God in his or her heart, HOW do they move from the spirit realm to our physical one? —Christina, Houston

Interesting you use the phrase “real deal.” A friend of mine received an unsolicited reading from Theresa and actually ended up on that show. And that’s the exact phrase she used. Real deal.

“So and so wants you to know they’re at peace with our father in heaven” is a comfort phrase for the living. She wouldn’t say that to someone who believed differently, because not everyone defines the afterlife that way.

(And that’s okay.)


As for moving between realms –well– that’s a deeper question.

If I start talking ‘dimensions’ and quantum theory this’ll read science like fiction.

But this I know for sure.

Human rules for space and time DO NOT APPLY to the Other Side. So:

1. Take all your assumptions.
2. Crumple them into ball.
3. (Cue En Vogue.)
4. No, you’re never gonna get it.
5. Never ever gonna get it.


Because our brains are hardwired for linear timelines and compartmental definitions of space.

1 to 10.
A to Z.
Left to right.
Once upon a time, the end.


Pragmatists will NEVER be comfortable with these conversations.

But here’s the deal.

I’ve personally experienced the VOID. That wordless place between space and time.  I KNOW it exists. Though exist might not be the word.

Few years ago, we were watching tv when the living room –and all daytime noises– evaporated.

Like someone flipped a switch.

Radiant peace undulated in my periphery, filling the space like warm liquid. The room was an illusion.

I saw my beloved grandfather across the room, next to my little girl. Not as an opaque person; but a shimmery outline, his flat cap confirming his presence.


I couldn’t talk.
Didn’t have to.

My Grandpa died. But he was right there. And this was COMPLETELY unlike any visit I’d had before.

Was this a place?
. . .  or the absence of one?

Had I slipped into the Divine? Who made this happen?! And why wasn’t he sitting next to me?

We lack vocabulary for these things.

I recall that part in Eat, Pray, Love where Elizabeth Gilbert experienced it, too:

“Simply put, I got pulled through the wormhole of the Absolute, and in that rush I suddenly understood the workings of the universe completely. I left my body, I left the room, I left the planet, I stepped through time and I entered the void. I was inside the void and I was looking at the void, all at the same time. The void was a place of limitless peace and wisdom, the void was conscious and intelligent. The void was God. But not in a gross, physical way–not like I was Liz Gilbert stuck inside a chunk of God’s thigh muscle. I was just part of God.”

I remember reading that bit, and feeling like YA! You go witcha bad author self, Liz! THAT!

People of different faiths who’ve had near death experiences describe the variations of the same.

Who’s to say Spirit can’t come and go as they please? Or that God doesn’t encourage them to pop in and give us love nudges every once in awhile?

My advice?  Try not to overthink the HOWs.

We probably couldn’t grasp the answer anyway.



Thanks for these questions, Christina. I’ll answer the rest of them in the next week or so.

If YOU reading have a paranormal or metaphysical question, please send it to jennifer@jkabay.com. I’ll archive and answer as appropriate, when I can.

Thank you!

Jenniforecast: May 2016

ARIES ( March 21-April 19)


Your well-being is outta whack because of a surplus of male energy, Aries! Solution? Allow some strong (positive) women to take charge and influence your schedule.  And get ready for a new hobby! You’ll develop passion for a brand new activity/ pastime this month, and know it’s right when just thinking about it gives you bursts of energy. Stay with it!

P.S. You’ve done all you can. Now let them fly.

Advice: Are mountains/big open spaces drawing you right now? Take advantage of last minute travel deals/invitations. They needn’t be expensive.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)


Ch-ch-changes. That’s your theme right now. Your public AND self-image are in transition which draws new people in your life. And it’s all good. Because (let’s face it) you’ve been bored and totally impatient with routine, pettiness, and people not willing to bend. May’s about correcting situations that got funky last month, Taurus, so stay the course no matter how twisty, ok?

Advice: Pay attention to the issues in your lower body. It’s not your imagination.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)


People are trying to rush your decisions, Gemini. Don’t let them. It’ll only make you (more) high strung. Then you’ll lash out and you know what kinda mess happens after that. Your concentration is scattered this month so it’s wise to leave big projects until June. Also, watch your mouth because someone may enjoy twisting your words.

Advice: Read that last sentence again. That same someone’s trying to take advantage of you. I know you hate looking the fool, so best to keep big stuff private, k? At least for now.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)


It’s high time for new partnerships, Cancer. Align yourself with people who view the world the same funky way you do!  But cast those social anxieties aside. Adjusting to new people won’t be as hard as it was before. Your physical body is sensitive this month so watch for overindulgence, especially when it comes to processed sugar and alcohol. Your workplace will run a lot smoother than your home life this month.

Advice: Your goals are simpler (and more achievable) than you think. Your essential to-do list really has, like, 3 things on it. Not 10.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22)


Oooh. Feels a little funky in your friend world, Leo. Lots of misunderstandings. The way to avoid driving yourself nuts is sticking to the FACTS of any situation and really try to be forgiving, because everyone can be a turd sometimes. At work, say yes when invited to a workshop/convention/webinar because it’ll be good for your career.

Advice: Don’t neglect loved ones this month. Especially children. A best friend or partner really wants to be your sounding board. Let them.

VIRGO ( Aug 23- Sept 22)


The same people keep tap dancing on your last damn nerve, don’t they? But choose your words carefully, Virgo. Facebook comments and emotional texts cannot be retracted. Your best medicine is the company of elders and intellectual stimulation. Think museums, art, music, cooking, literature . . . and older folk. These will ground and keep you sane until these fools leave you alone.

Advice: An opportunity will present to defend an underdog. DO IT.

LIBRA (Sept 23- Oct 22)


Minor irritations will eat you alive if you’re not careful, Libra. Especially at the beginning of May. Breathe deep. People will come round to your way of thinking. You do have one big argument in the cards this month. (Sorry) But it’ll actually be cleansing and restore healthy boundaries. Days of letting people walk all over you really need to be over.

Advice: Save big home projects until next month. And say YES to travel this month. You will totally regret not going.

SCORPIO (Oct 23- Nov 21)


The good news is: work will be pretty great this month. But socially, May might be pain in your rear. Narrow minds will go out of their way to get a rise out of you –but let’s be honest– you’ve been a little persnickety yourself, lately. You’re likely to feel nostalgic and drawn to vintage things: books, furniture, old family photos. My advice is to tuck inside these emotions until tolerance for certain people improves.

Advice: Brace yourself for NEWS.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22- Dec 21)

science exp 1949 H18.html.jpeg

Your word for the month is EXPERIMENT! Recipes, meditation, a weird fitness class– basically, anything new. Opportunity will arise from your open mind and frankly, you’ll enjoy being spontaneous for a change. You’re putting out good vibes right now and people will want to align with you. But beware your boundaries–especially at work. You’re a bundle of extremes this month, so be sure to apply that energy to something good!

Advice: It’s time to get your house in order. Donate. Clean. Get rid of crap. Consider this your cosmic kick in the butt. No one likes a hoarder.

CAPRICORN ( Dec 22- Jan 19)


Intuition sends mixed signals this month, Capricorn. What you WANT vs. what you NEED are tangled in your mind. So every step you take, think: is this essential? And we all know you love to please, but say NO to working overtime. And don’t volunteer for anything, even though you’d (obviously) do it best. At least not this month. Your ears, nose, throat, and respiratory systems feel sensitive right now and overdoing will only them worse.

Advice: Don’t take the colleague personally. Their issues are at home. Not with you.

P.S. Your family misses you.

AQUARIUS ( Jan 20- Feb 18)


Your nickname this month is Martyr. (Yay!) Sorry and all that. People always expect you to speak truth for the crowd, don’t they? And folks who have courage to speak up are easily criticized. It’ll be okay by month’s end but –really– tell people to fight their own battles. Your soul  just wants to belong and be surrounded by family this month. Especially when past issues arise. But this is what happens when you sweep issues under the rug rather than dealing with them.

Advice: Save strong opinions for when it REALLY matters otherwise you may come across looking the turd.

P.S. You really are great.

PISCES (Feb 19- March 20)


Your energy field is super porous right now, Pisces. So make triple sure to keep negative, toxic people far, far (far) away. You may find yourself obsessing about cleaning, organizing, and body image this month. Your intuition is strong and your hands are VITAL (as in crucial) for healthy, spiritual connection. Writing. Massage. Building. Crafting. These’ll keep you in the right mental space to get you through May. Warning: now’s NOT the time for property or real estate decisions. It can wait.

Advice: Say NO to guests this month unless you want invasive chaos. They can stay somewhere else.