Q & A: Mexican Ghosts Speak Spanish

Q: Hi Jennifer. My grandma died last year. We miss her a lot! My mom says she sometimes catches flashes of her, which I believe, but why can no one else see her? Sometimes I think I sense her, but I'm really not sure. When you experience a 'ghost' how can you tell it's not your imagination? --Emily; New Braunfels. Great question. …

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Astrology & April’s Jenniforecast.

Astrology. What a weird, touchy subject.  People share politics and colonoscopy results, but ask their sign? Now hang on a minute. That's personal. Like it or not, astrology is a science. Maybe a pseudoscience which means it doesn't get funding and experts are ridiculed behind their backs. But it's science nonetheless. Every person I've ever met …

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