Jesus for Breakfast

I am stupid tired. Again. This is like my 8th night of interrupted sleep and I’m a little irritated . . . okay, a lot irritated. Usually it’s my idiot neighbors waking me up. They’re under 25, work in bars, and I curse their vampire hours! Typically they're leaving the house as I stack my pillows just …

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I Vacationed in a Muslim Country on 9/11. Truth.

Christopher and I were in Turkey on September 11th but that wasn't my choice. I wanted a holiday in Sicily. I wanted to sit under those lemon trees drinking grappa like Michael Corleone! But Christopher wanted Istanbul and he wasn't budging. So we did what anyone would do. We flipped a coin. That coin was STILL in …

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Angels. They’re real you know.

I met my first angel at work.  Well, I didn't meet him really...we didn't shake hands. Rather, I felt him. And this 'meeting' forced a change in me. See, I never really believed in angels. Nice concept and all that but really, I thought they was just biblical lore and fodder for crappy  mass-produced posters all the sorority girls …

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